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Compatibility for Python 3.

Under Python 3, the 'new' module for creating classes is no longer
present. Instead this operation is in the 'types' module.
parent 1d9fc9a7
......@@ -4,10 +4,18 @@ Timer management for setting arbitrary timeouts on OSX and Linux.
import os
import new
import signal
import time
# Python 2 can use the 'new' module
import new
new_class = new.classobj
except ImportError:
# Python 3 must use the 'types' module
import types
new_class = types.new_class
from functools import total_ordering
......@@ -246,7 +254,7 @@ class Timer(object):
self.start_time = None
self.end_time = None
if self.timeout_in_seconds:
self.exception = new.classobj('Timeout_%s' % (self.idname,), (TimerTimeout,), {})
self.exception = new_class('Timeout_%s' % (self.idname,), (TimerTimeout,), {})
self.exception = TimerTimeout
self.alarm = None
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