Commit eb8142ae authored by Charles Ferguson's avatar Charles Ferguson
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Ensure that StyledString can repr when aborting early on.

Move up some member variables so that the repr is valid when needed
early on, if we get a failure early in the run.
parent 6a162ccf
......@@ -318,6 +318,8 @@ class StyledString(object):
def __init__(self, s, style=None):
self.sequence = [] = style
self.simplified = False
if s is not None and s != '':
if isinstance(s, StyledString):
# If it was a StyledString container, we can remove a level of
......@@ -330,8 +332,6 @@ class StyledString(object):
s = unicode(s)
if s is not None:
self.sequence.append(s) = style
self.simplified = False
def __repr__(self):
# We indicate with the first letter of the bracketted content whether the
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