1. 28 Oct, 2017 2 commits
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      Fix for thread control tests on linux. · 92b8b8d0
      Charles Ferguson authored
      The 'netstat -i -c' command, when run as an unprivileged user, appears
      to output nothing. This makes our tests fail because we rely on it
      outputing something every second.
      Change to using ping.
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      Updates to handle errno properly. Improved failure case errors in tests. · 2d52ba98
      Charles Ferguson authored
      When the error number was used on Linux and BSD, the values for the
      Resource Unavailable (EWOULDBLOCK) were different. For no good reason,
      this was using a hard-coded number, when it should have used a symbol.
      This fixes a few of the linux tests.
      The failure cases when the threaded tests were not working were not great.
      They would result in hanging processes, which didn't help us very much.
      The processes are now tracked and we try to destroy as part of the tear
      down code.
      The linux and darwin systems have different implementations of the
      'netstat' tool we are using for checking that the threaded version does
      stream properly. So these differences are very roughly abstracted. This
      should be done better in the future, when we add Windows support.
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  6. 23 Feb, 2017 3 commits
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      Fix for pylint not knowing about the existence of __globals__. · bb26119f
      Charles Ferguson authored
      It seems that __globals__ isn't known to the pylint tool, and we use
      that to recognise the context of the operations. So we have to make
      pylint ignore that particular instance.
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      Pylint fixes. · 97a57742
      Charles Ferguson authored
      Some pylint fixes, including some that appear to have been actual bugs -
      the inspect module was never imported, so it's not clear why the test
      code worked.
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      Improved support for Python 3. · 135660ea
      Charles Ferguson authored
      Python 3 is now better supported by the tests, and should be nearly
      working with these changes. There are also a few changes to try to make
      it easier to work on Windows, but this is still not working properly.
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