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  9. 26 Dec, 2017 4 commits
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      Add support for the 'status' of commits to the generic API, · 81931874
      Charles Ferguson authored
      The status commits API has been added for both the GitHub and GitLab
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      Add service resolution to the GitService system. · fb44db5d
      Charles Ferguson authored
      The configuration file can now be read for our GitService system, and
      then we resolve the service object from the configuration to the
      different module objects.
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      Many changes to add GitHub support. · 0ab69b39
      Charles Ferguson authored
      The XDGDirs code has been abstracted from the main module.
      Configuration on a per-site basis has been added to the GitHub code
      (although it's not yet used for GitLab). Paginated results can now
      be handled more efficiently, without problems caused by the over-eager
      object creation we had previously.
      Fixes for the GitLab implementation have also been added as necessary.
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      Allow ISO8601 to be passed a datetime object directly. · 6a24775b
      Charles Ferguson authored
      The ISO8601 object does not need to be passed a string (for simplicities
      sake), but can be passed a datetime itself. If the datetime does not
      contain a timezone, one will be forced on it (the UTC timezone).
      This makes it simpler to pass the function objects and get a consistent
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  12. 21 Dec, 2017 3 commits
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      Separate out the inheritable properties class. · 2a351486
      Charles Ferguson authored
      The InheritableProperties class provides the necessary implementation
      to be able to traverse the parts of the GitService tree. It is not
      especially complex, but does allow us to provide for an arbitrary
      structure within the tree.
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      Separate out the ISO 8601 handling code from the main CI code. · 2a5ce88a
      Charles Ferguson authored
      The date handling code has been separated out from the main CI code,
      so that it can be reused (if necessary). At present, the only parts
      of this code that handle such strings are the new hierarchy of classes
      to access GitLab.
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      Begin to abstract the remote git operations into separate classes. · af30b3ab
      Charles Ferguson authored
      Rather than being focussed on just giving the configuration for gitlab,
      as a hard-coded system, this change begins to introduce some remote systems
      that can be used for other types of git remotes. Only GitLab is supported
      right now, and not fully used by the CI checking. However, this will improve
      in subsequent commits.
  13. 20 Nov, 2017 2 commits
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      Rename XDGDirs (from BaseDirs). Fix directory creation. · 47794379
      Charles Ferguson authored
      XDGDirs is (I think) a better name for what the class does to select
      the location to store the files for the XDG Base Directories standard.
      As just BaseDirs it didn't really tell what the lineage was.
      Directory creation was not using the right variable to reference the
      mode to use. This would have caused it to fail to create the correct
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      Allow 'pending' states. Gitlab absent is silent failure. · be807b8b
      Charles Ferguson authored
      The pending states (and any others that are not success or failure)
      are now uncacheable states, which result in them updating every run
      until they return states that are either success or failure.
      If gitlab module is absent, we now report 0 tests run.
  14. 19 Nov, 2017 4 commits
  15. 18 Nov, 2017 1 commit