1. 19 Aug, 2017 2 commits
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      Update the output format so that mixed languages look tidier. · 2f4509bc
      Charles Ferguson authored
      The shell + python output looked very untidy because the indentation
      was very wrong. Really we could do with using one of the exec formats
      to handle the output instead of merely piping outputs. But for now
      this does the job.
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      Add basic shell file processing. · b9713b17
      Charles Ferguson authored
      Shell files are not normally checked, and the checking we perform
      is only 'shellcheck' but that's fine for us because it gives us
      a simple way to ensure that the scripts will actually do what we
      However, there is currently no way to restrict the shellcheck
      version to one that is known. This may need to be addressed in
      the future, but for now we use the system installed version.