Commit 87fa57fe authored by Charles Ferguson's avatar Charles Ferguson
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Only include directories in the python path which exist.

For some reason the zip file was appearing at the front of the list
for the paths - we can omit anything that's not a directory.
parent 2c557c7f
......@@ -349,8 +349,9 @@ fi
# Apply any site customization that may have been configured.
pythonlib="$(python -c "import sys ; \
print([path for path in sys.path if '$(basename "$environment")/lib' in path][0])"
pythonlib="$(python -c "import sys ; import os.path ;\
print([path for path in sys.path if '$(basename "$environment")/lib' in path \
and os.path.isdir(path)][0])"
if [[ "${pythonlib}" != '' ]] ; then
if [[ "${sitecustomize}" != '' ]] ; then
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